Welcome to Anzumura(apricot village)
A long-established coffee shop with handmade dishes

I like the warmth of trees and my cat
Anzumura(apricot village) people

Specialty bowl bowl spaghetti

Spaghetti made from a secret soup made from scratch

Anzumura, a coffee shop in Takahatafudo

Anzumura, a 3-minute walk from Takahatafudo Station,
A long-established coffee shop that values additive-free homemade dishes and a relaxing atmosphere.
Meals such as cafe time and dinner at Takahatafudo,
Take a break on your way home from work. How about coffee?
There is a small gift for customers who make a reservation.
We look forward to your use.


Restaurant at Takahatafudo Station

Recommended menu of “Anzumura”
Please try the soup spaghetti "Donsupa" in the bowl.

We have a lot of special dishes such as healthy plates that are kind to women and health-conscious people. There are also dessert parfaits and pancakes, so we recommend using cafe time.


Take a break at a hideaway cafe

Enjoy a meal in a cozy space in Anzumura, a long-established store established in 1980.



Anzumura(apricot village) for drinking at Takahatafudo Station

Speaking of coffee shops, cream soda. Anzumura's cream soda has a reputation for its high purity, rich and delicious ice cream. You can bring your own liquor, so please make your tomorrow's vitality with your favorite liquor and our meal.

Alcoholic drinks are available as well as coffee and tea. The homemade apricot liquor soaked in our shop is a fruit wine that boasts a sweet and sour taste of apricot. We also have a wide selection of beer, wine and whiskey. Since it is a 3-minute walk from Takahatafudo Station, how about using Anzumura(apricot village) for a cup of work after work?